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Process Cooling Specialists

Process Cooling Specialists

We’ve been providing refrigeration solutions to the food and drink industry since 1975. We’re based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, but work world-wide in conjunction with our representatives in Europe and the US.

The industry is constantly evolving to meet consumer needs, economic targets and legislative requirements, and our experience means that we’re flexible enough to respond to that.

We design, develop, implement and maintain innovative, cost-effective and robust solutions, working in partnership with our customers. 

However you discover Pennine – whether by word-of-mouth recommendations, internet search or from previous experience – we’ll start by getting to the heart of your cooling requirements.

We’ll scope the project with a site visit, making sure we have a thorough understanding of the challenges you’re facing. We’ll build, or carefully source, the best system components, giving you options and flexibility to suit your budget.

Some of our customers


"From an engineering perspective I have found the entire team at Pennine a pleasure to work with.

The sales, planning and project co-ordinators were a pleasure to work with, assisting all the way, and the site engineers and commissioning guys again were great. We also now have a full service plan in place with Pennine for the air chiller and the new equipment which again is helping keep everything as it should be, as well as freeing up mine and my engineers’ time.

I genuinely only have good things to say about Pennine; issues have been dealt with to my satisfaction and in a timely manner, so as an engineering manager I am very satisfied with the backup and service they provide."

UK Refrigeration Engineering Manager

Crown Chicken


Crown Chicken Case Study

Refrigeration upgrade project  

Crown Chicken purchased a Pennine Vent-Stream poultry air chiller in 2008 to run alongside its existing mechanised basket chiller. The Vent-Stream chilled and conveyed 5,000 untrussed chickens per hour, and the basket chill handled hot-trussed birds at a throughput of 2,500 birds per hour.

The customer's problem

Crown subsequently asked for advice on a replacement for the R22 refrigerant used on the basket chill and which was being phased out to comply with F-Gas regulations.

Our site survey discovered that the basket chill was a bottleneck in the production process. Access restrictions prevented defrost heaters from being replaced; the air plenum was too narrow, restricting air flow; and the actual throughput of chickens being cooled to less than 4°C was only 2,500.

Our solution

We raised the combined throughput of the air chiller and basket chiller to 10,000 chickens per hour by:

  • Extending the air chiller to increase throughput from 5,000 to 6,500 chickens per hour
  • Installing a new screw compressor pack to run the air chiller
  • Switching the existing compressor pack to run the basket chill, replacing the old semi-hermetic compressors
  • Replacing the evaporators in the basket chill
  • Castellating the ceiling between roof trusses to accommodate new evaporator fans and to increase the plenum volume, significantly reducing the air side pressure drop and increasing air volume
  • Installing a hot gas defrost system thereby saving electricity



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